Friday, October 16, 2009

Body and Bounce...Believe It!!!

I am now a true believer in the magic of Velcro Rollers!!!

Yesterday, I tried a new hair stylist and have completely fallen head over hills in love with her and the magic she performed. LoL, not to say that I was in bad shape, but I had nearly given up on finding a hairstylist with the true talent and ability to do two things...(1) give me the body, bounce, and shine of the stars...(2) have me in and out of the salon in a reasonable about of time (2.5hrs or less)!!! Ms. Patrina has definitely mastered her craft!

I merely stated that I loved body in my hair but hated the tightness of a roller set. Her answer? "No problem!" And she wasn't exaggerating! The attention showed to my scalp and hair during the shampoo phase was phenomenal...clearly the secret to her ability to retain clients for over 20 years. And VELCRO ROLLERS...who would of thought?

Velcro rollers are the equivalent to hot rollers, but clearly less damaging!

Needless to say, Patrina....see ya next week!