Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Statements 2 Be Made...

pictures courtesy of: www.glamour.com
Everyday brings about a different sense of being...shouldn't your clothes match your mood? Heck, your clothes can actually help you rock your mood with flair and confidence.

As the weather cools off, why not bundle up in an over sized and cozy sweater like Kate Hudson. On those rare and beautiful days, through on a perfectly fitted jean jacket or vest and tap into your inner rocker chick. Hint: Jean Jackets can complete any casual outfit and extend the life of your summer wardrobe. Ladies, I know we are all in love with our over sized totes, but sometimes change is good. Instead, grab an over sized clutch to pull a simple outfit together like America Ferrara. We all know those days that we simply don't have the energy to want to "get dressed!" Well, instead of stepping out and later regretting it...Mimic Jessica Biel and wrap a scarf around your neck and watch your outfit come together.