Thursday, February 25, 2010

Green with Envy...

I have long been a fan of Army Green clothing...especially Army fatigued tops, jackets, and pants! I actually own a pair of real fatigue pants that I had tailored into a pair of knee-length shorts to be worn with a crisp white tank top or t-shirt! You would be surprised the compliments received! As I prepare my wardrobe for Spring and Summer, I couldn't help but smile knowing that green is green to be exact!!!
Left...Left...Left-Right-Left...remember the cadence?
Beyonce is Fierce in green as she sits courtside at the Lakers game last night! I do want these pants and the jacket is to die for...CRAZINESS!!

Kim Kardashian pairs her favorite 7FAM jeggins with a green
jacket and Hermes bag as she cheers for her man, Reggie Bush!

Military inspired clothing...CRAZINESS!!!