Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nail Color

OK, so I have sworn off reverting back to the ever famous french manicure when it comes time for my bi-weekly "pamper me" appointments. With this new found freedom, I have entered into the wonderful world of color...OMGoodness, nail color is the best way to brighten up your everyday wardrobe and your day!
The ever stylish and trend daring Rhianna is definitely a nail color trend setter...for which I admire.
Kim Kardashion rocks my newest nail color crush...pretty in pink!

Red nails definitely stands out on the hand of every fashionista.

S/S 2010: Redish Orange nails has made a come back and is the perfect combination for a sultry summer!

If you prefer a more neutral color, then you will fall hard for grey nail polish. I even love dark metallic and the always stylish deep mahogany...perfect on every skin tone!

What every for choice, you absolutely can't go wrong with adding color to your nails!