Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Army Candy

"Do I really need another bag?" Well, like my mom and aunts always told me "...a lady can never have too many bags or shoes..." so I encourage you to forgo such nonsense talk and check out The Essential Jane Bag (available in Black, Brown, Turquoise, Pink, and personal favorite).

Boasting a reasonably budget friendly (for genuine leather) price tag of $159, I definitely foresee the orange in my near future. And considering spring/summer is on the horizon, these boldly colored bags are sure to compliment any outfit. If you are a fashionista, like me, that seems to always over stuff her totes just be careful because with real leather totes, they can get pretty heavy to carry...but as the saying goes..."Beauty Costs...time, money, and sacrifice!"

The Essential Jane Bag Leather OrangeThe Essential Jane Bag Leather TurquoiseThe Essential Jane Bag Leather PinkThe Essential Jane Bag Leather BrownThe Essential Jane Bag Leather Black