Friday, August 3, 2012

Effortlessly Stylish Men...

I am more than weak for a man in a pair of properly fitting jeans and t-shirts...spice it up and throw and a nice cap and ensure that your accessories are kept to a minimum and I turn into a school girl all over again. Then again, a man in a tailored suit will also turn my head and get me to wandering...*wink wink*

A well groomed and stylishly casual man is definitely sexy and deserved a little recognition...shout out to a few of the best dressed men in the game! Fellas, take note: simplicity is best when ti comes to getting dressed!

DAVID BECKHAM photo | David BeckhamDAVID BECKHAM photo | David Beckham

'SATELLITE' OFFICE photo | Jada Pinkett Smith, Will SmithWARM WELCOME photo | Will Smith

A 'NEW' DAY photo | Ryan SeacrestCALLING THE SHOTS photo | Usher
WALK THIS WAY photo | Orlando Bloom