Tuesday, September 4, 2012

White After Labor Day...YES YES YES!!!!

For years you have listened to the age-old fashion advice that has been passed down from generation to generation..."Don't wear white after Labor Day!" Well, that old advice is exactly that...OLD! Fashionistas of the 21st Century understand that there are way to many reason to keep white in our wardrobe rotation and that it is past time to start making our own rules!

Check out 4 WHITE HOT reasons to keep rocking white AFTER Labor Day!

Technically, September 22, 2012 marks the official first day of Fall/Autumn; therefore, you still have quite a few steamy days and nights to work your white! So, if you are unsure about the idea of wearing white in the Fall keep in mind that it is still Summer time and white and ivory is a must for keeping cool during these last few weeks of scorching summer heat! Think...white maxi dresses with a blazer or jean jacket

We have all come to respect and understand the importance of blazers as staple pieces in our closets and white/ivory blazers are pure perfection when pulling a simple pair of our favorite skinnies together into chic outfit for running errands. True enough white can be difficult to keep clean, but there truly is nothing more classic than a cream or winter white blazer. Step outside your fashion box and step out in effortless style that shouts fierce!

Looking simple is rather difficult when wearing white...well, when it is done right that is...so why would you want to pack away your "wow-factor" pieces for an entire two seasons? Exactly, there really isn't a good enough reason or justification for such a decision. Slip into a pair of white skinny jeans tucked into a great pair of knee high flat boots with an oversize(but properly fitting) cream sweater and you have just created the perfect movie date night outfit. With black and white being such the ideal combination this upcoming season...what about pulling out a crisp white button down to pair with your dark denim jeggins? My point exactly...rocking white is a MUST and perfect for adding chic-ness to your Fall/Winter style!

When else can you rock different shades on one particular staple color and not look like you are wearing one faded piece? With the different shades of white...white, ivory, winter white, etc...you can mix and match to create the ideal Fall/Winter wardrobe that screams style and sophistication!

White No-No's
1. White Sandals...I don't know why anyone would still have these in their closet in the first place, but in case you do...please do NOT wear them after Labor Day! Why? Ummm, do you really need to ask this...think stripper-ish!

2.White Wedges

3. White Stilettos...I must admit that I am a bit torn on this one, but to be on the safe side file them under "Not After Labor Day"