Saturday, October 27, 2012

TNT Hair & Spa

Last night I had the honor and pleasure of hosting an amazing glam event at the fiercely posh TNT Hair and Spa in Pasadena, TX.

I couldn't have been more pleased and impressed with the elegance of the of the salon. Upon entering, I felt like I had stepped into my own glam oasis. From the friendly and inviting reception area to the personalized and individual stations designed for the one-on-one attention you expect and desire

As the door to the spa opened, I was promptly greeted by Michelle as she ensured that everything was taken care of and the evening would be amazing...I was not disappointed! Each stylist introduced themselves and I immediately felt right at home! I was whisked away on a tour and was overwhelmed by the beauty behind each new turn and began to visualize this becoming my new escape destination for relaxation!

I am wearing Current Elliott zipper jeans, Destime stiletto from Aldo Shoes, Stiletto Swagg & Sass t-shirt, and Jessica Buurman bag.