Thursday, January 24, 2013

INFLUENSTER...Palmolive Fresh Infusion

As an INFLUENSTER, I have the privilege and honor of trying out new things from beauty and fashion items(my favorite) to design and household items for review...I really do LOVE what I do!!!

Any who, about a week ago(I know, late review...but hey I am preparing for my wedding next weekend) I received three full size bottles of Palmolive's Fresh Infusion dish washing liquid(seen below) and honestly couldn't wait to try them out. Let's face it, housework is a definite must despite our insatiable quest for always staying fashionably fierce and stylishly savvy, so why not add a little bit of luxury to the mundane task of washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen!

Pinned Image

Each scent is definitely better than the next and will add a little sass to the chore of dish washing...hey, when life gives you lemons then make lemonade, right?
My personal favorite is definitely the Ginger White Tea(middle) because it reminds me of a much needed and long over due day at the spa. Lemon Thyme and Lime Basil are definitely tied for second with there being no room for third because the two really do capture the essence of "clean"

I gave my mom the Ginger White Tea to use for cleaning after my bridal shower and the scent definitely went right along with the white and pink and feminine atmosphere that filled the house!

All-in-All, Palmolive Fresh Infusion is a WINNER!!!!