Friday, May 10, 2013

Tom Ford Fragrance Launch Party

What's your signature scent?

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Tom Ford cupcakes

Tom Ford

Dolce & Gabban Foundation Collection

Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Vetiver

Velvet Desire Men and Velvet Desire Women

Dior mascara tower

Prada Candy

Last night was definitely more about smelling good than looking good...if you could believe it, I attend the Tom Ford Fragrance Launch Party in Saks Fifth Avenue Houston Galleria! Needless to say, this event was more than right on time as I have been needing to find my new signature scent...I think I found it!

There is one thing for sure, SAKS definitely laid out the red carpet for this event...from cupcakes(I am not much of a sweets kind of person) and champagne(sparkling water for me) to make-overs and manicures. I started my night with Dolce & Gabbana(a secret favorite) and was blown away by their new scents, foundations, and nail colors. My main focus is finding a new scent and I definitely started at the right place because Dolce & Gabbana's Velvet Desire for women and men is more than a winner and will probably make it's way to my closet in the near future! Velvet Desire for Women is sensually seductive with it's sweet scent that reminds me of the night I fell in love with my husband...very romantic and sensual! Velvet Desire for Men is the pure definition of what a grown man should smell like and gives me the visual of a well built man in a simple t-shirt, properly fitting jeans, a nice time piece and shoes...I do believe I have found my husband's father's day gift! ;-) One of my all-time favorite scents for D&G is The One, but it is even better than before and with a name like there really any need for an explanation?!!?! Yeah, didn't think so!

Next, I strutted on over to Dior...they literally have the absolute BEST mascara ever! I followed Dior by making my way over to the "NEW SAK's SCENTS" where I fell in love with Valentino's new scent...Valentina. Very elegant and subtle scent that reminds me of a romantic date night cuddle up in one booth! By now, I am torn between D&G Velvet Vetiver and Valentina...oh the choices!

To make matters(decisions) worse, one of the reps introduced me to Prada Candy...OMGOODNESS, this one blew me away and has my name written all over it! Prada Candy is a very feminine and sweet scent that reminds me of a playful night out on the town!

Finally, I made my way to the scent of the night...TOM FORD NEROLI PORTOFINO! Sadly, this particular scent wasn't for me because it is very spicy and a bit over powering. I am more of a sweet and sensually subtle scented kind of girl and this is definitely the complete opposite. I did try the hand lotion and it is very smooth and lasted me the entire night(even after taking my shower), but again, the over powering scent was just to much for me. Let me know what you think!

The night was definitely worth the trip and I now have a huge decision to make...D&G, Valentina, or Prada Candy?!?!?!?! Hmmm...stay tuned for my ultimate decision!!!!

Until next time, thanks for stopping by and as always...stay Fashionably Fierce and Stylishly Savvy