Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Veteran's Day Vibe

I'm Wearing:
Forever 21 Blazer (old)
Missoni x Target T-Shirt(old)
Zara Camo Jeans (old)
ShoeMint  Boots
Jessica Buurman Bag(c/o)
Michael Kors Watch and Bracelet

Happy Tuesday Dolls!
Yesterday was Veteran's Day and what better way to show my sincere appreciate for all that our soldiers sacrifice for me than to slip into pair of camo(even though they aren't the real version...which I do have by the way) pants and a pair of "work" boots...Yeah, I couldn't think of a better way either. My daddy is a veteran and even though I don't tell him often enough, I am so very proud of the service he provided for our country after graduating from college...I may not have even been a thought in his mind at the time, but I am sure that his time serving our country made him the man and DADDY he is today...dedicated, hard-working, honest, devoted, loyal, loving...and the list goes on! I love him more than words could ever describe and it is because of him that I know, understand, and respect what it truly means to be a MAN!!!