Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Moroccoan Oil

moroccanoil 150x150 MoroccanOil for the Body Review: Replenish Your Skin With Argan Oil
If there is one thing that I know about beauty and skin care, it is that sensually supple and baby soft skin is the ultimate indication of well hydrated and cared for skin. So when it comes to finding the perfect product, combination of products, and/or the best brand for ensuring that my best asset(my well manicured and youthful skin) is in the best shape I am definitely open for trying anything that promises to maintain a healthy glow and softness!

Moroccanoil Body Butter opener
photo courtesy of  OMMORPHIA BEAUTY BAR 
 I am definitely a hoarder of all things lotions, creams, gels, and oils that are used alone or in conjunction with one another in the battle against the harsh conditions that seem to sap the moisture from my skin on a daily basis. Between winter temps, morning and evening showers(2-a-day workouts), hiding behind layers of clothing and  burying my soles in boots to simply wanting softer skin that makes me feel sexy!
moroccanoil body collection Moroccanoil Body Collection

I have heard so many wonderful things about the Moroccan Oil hair care line, but considering I don't own shampoo(I tend to enjoy going to my hair stylist every other week...spoiled, I know) I didn't really look into this brand until I was looking for "something" that I could try to add a bit more lasting moisture to my normal morning and evening beauty and body routine when I clicked upon Moroccan Oil Body Butter and Hand Cream...exactly what the beauty divas had ordered...read a couple of different reviews and decided to give them a try for myself!

Considering I am always on the go, online shopping is the absolute best invention ever made and was my option for ordering and purchasing my new beauty product and shipping was amazingly quick! The packaging arrived and I couldn't wait to open and test it out...well, that would have to wait until later tonight as most of my packages tend to arrive somewhere between 10-12pm when I am away from home(but before my husband gets home...a definitely plus!). Upon opening, I was in luxury heaven as the packaging alone makes me feel sexy and like I am about to step into my own personal spa session!  

Upon opening, there is a faint scent of...ah heaven! You know that scent that only comes from the systematically mixed oils used at your favorite spa during a much needed relaxation session that carries you through the day? Yeah, that scent is uncorked when you twist off the top and prepare for the luxury that awaits your dampened, but towel dried skin after your shower. 

Key Ingredients:
*Argan Oil - rich in natural tocopherols(Vitamin E), essential fatty acids and anti-oxidents with 100% natural oils to help hydrate and nourish the skin, improving  its texture and tone
Argan Butter, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter - contains fatty acids that increase moisture and strengthen skin barrier functions
Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Squalane - contains powerful antioxidants that help build skin's natural defense and moisture repair

Two other products to try: 
* Moroccan Oil Hand Cream (perfect for carrying in your purse and keeping your hands smooth and touchable)
* Moroccan Oil Body Buff (haven't tried, but ideal for exfoliating your skin before using the body butter)