Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Perfect Black Bag

Ask me (or any woman) about my absolute MUST HAVE accessory and I will definitely swoon over the absolute perfect black tote. One that is made of durable but supple soft leather, perfect for everyday, carries me from work to play, holds everything...including the kitchen sink and has just the right about of detailing to keep it from looking like a work bag...even if it doubles as one!
Option 2
Option 3
Enter this hard to find, sold out and overly priced on Ebay Zara Bowling bag with gold zipper detailing. Lustfully, I have longed for this beauty since I first eyed it on Zara.com last year but it sold out quicker than the "On The Run" with Beyonce and Jay Z tour tickets.

Nevertheless, I refused to pay nearly 3X the original price on Ebay. I TRIED tirelessly to find one similar with just as much space and style to add to my collection, but with no luck I had almost given up on ever owning this lux bag until I took a chance and reached out to an overseas owner about my interest and as they say, the rest is history...

So, what is important when searching for the perfect black bag:
1) Quality...supple leather is best as it allows for extensive wear while maintaining the chic effect!
2) Space...when it comes to your go-to black bag keep that it needs to be big enough to carry your "life" along with a few personal extras
3)Details...There is just something about adding exposed zippers or buttons that takes a simple black bag to the next level

-Fashionably Fierce and Stylishly Savvy! Thanks for your support and inspiration! :-)