Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Olay Hair Removal


Let's just be honest, there are some beauty secrets that we just don't share with our husbands or boyfriends AND the extensive amount of time and upkeep needed to keeping unwanted hair at bay is definitely one of them!
Every two weeks, I was faithfully sitting in at the nail shop getting a refill, pedicure and eyebrow/lip wax until I decided that I wanted a more natural nail look(plus I wanted to be able to change my nail color every week without need to  go back to the salon or feel guilty about spending another $5-7 for a polish change). So, I go on YouTube and figured out how to soak off my own acrylic and to maintain my own weekly mani/pedi session. But this left me with needing to find time to go to the salon for my eyebrow and lip wax and who wants to stop off for 20-30minutes(including wait time) for something that actually takes all of about 5minutes...
Enter OLAY Facial Hair Removal Duo!!!
In literally as little as 10 minutes(while doing whatever else needs to be done, while hubby is away OF COURSE) I glide on the protection balm then layer on a then film of the hair removal. While folding clothes or washing dishes or just lounging on the couch I let the duo work their magic at safe and painlessly removing unwanted upper lip hair. When the timer(I use my cell phone) goes off, I simply take a cotton ball and wipe away the remaining cream(and hair) to reveal a fuzz free zone!

-Fashionably Fierce and Stylishly Savvy! Thanks for your support and inspiration! :-)