Monday, September 1, 2014

Skin Care Perfection

I am sharing this review because I sincerely believe in this skin care line and this is not a sponsored post by Rodan + Fields.
When it comes to finding a skin care regime that I actually LOVED and could not only feel, but see the results(and others will as well), Rodan + Fields REDEFINE reigns supreme. Trust me, I have definitely tried my fair share of skin care lines, but honestly nothing comes close.
I am very diligent about my skin care and understand that in order for a product to work, you have to give it ample time and adequate commitment...I have, I will and most of all...I DO which tells me that 
this system in absolutely perfect! I use Redefine majority of the time and every so often, I will incorporate the REVERSE system to even out skin tone.

I will admit, that I was a bit taken-a-back by the price but then I had to think about the reality that investing in ME and my skin care is one of the best investments I could make. Think about it: we will spend hundreds on a pair of shoes or a bag that may or may not be "trendy" next season or even next year, but we will balk at investing in a skin care system that will ensure to give you the skin you want and deserve for YEARS to come...for me, I will pass on a few pair of shoes for excellent skin care. Oh, and did I don't need much of each step to see results which means that each product will last twice as long as expected and increasing the price-to-use ratio that tends to be the guide when deciding to purchase something a wee bit out of our expected price range.

My Routine:
 I start both my morning and evening routine by washing(there is a difference between washing and cleaning) my face with a cocoa butter face soap in order to merely rinse away the surface film that is acquired during the day(or from my pillow at night).
Then I use the Daily Cleansing Mask to clear out what is left from washing and to really give my pores an overall good cleaning. After cleansing, I use a small piece of gauze(cotton ball in a pinch) and the Pore Minimizing Toner to give my face a good once over to ensure that my face is CLEAN and fresh.
Finally, I use about a dime size(probably even smaller) of Triple Defense Treatment(in the morning) or Overnight Restorative Cream(at night).