Friday, October 10, 2014

Fitness Friday

Two of my favorite "F" words are Fashion and Fitness with an emphasis on Fitness because your fashion sense means nothing without the physical and mental fitness that should come first!

I am more than proud of myself and the commitment it took to stick with an at home workout routine...especially considering I am a self-proclaimed gym-rat at heart!

My hubby stepped out on a limb and purchased the P90X3 system for himself(before picking up his love of boxing) and I wanted to try it...glad I did because the results are more than worth the investment!

Literally 30 MINUTES a DAY (which is the required commitment for the program) I was able to actually get and feel like I did a "real workout in the privacy of my own garage. Now, I will admit that I usually doubled up on my workouts because I am naturally use to at least an hour workout and without that extra 30 minutes, I felt I was cheating myself(but it really isn't needed). What I LOVED most about P90X3 was that I was introduced to yoga and Pilate's(on a regular basis) and it has done wonders for elongating my muscles and increasing flexibility(after nearly snapping both hamstrings a few years back, flexibility was pretty much wishful thinking). I have decided to re-do P90X3, but this time I am following the DOUBLES schedule(two workouts/day...morning and night). I am into my third week of DOUBLES and I am really excited!

-Fashionably Fierce and Stylishly Savvy! Thanks for your support and inspiration! :-)