Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What Is Your Sleep Number?

Do you know?


This is my mattress...or at least it will be one day!!! My sleep number is 20 and I literally fell in LOVE with the M7 with the memory foam topping!  

OMGoodness, I thought this was the cutest thing ever...the life size remote with all the bells and whistles for your mattress! Yes GAWD, I have to have one in my master soon! ;-)

This was my view as I rested while Michael, the sales rep, figured out my sleep number!
Ok, so what is all the hype surrounding the now "must have" and seemingly over priced Sleep Number Mattress? This has been my thought for quite some time...well that is until I was asked by Smiley360 to visit a Sleep Number store and try one out for myself and in exchange for my honest opinion, I would get my very own CoolFit Pillow. Needless to say, I tried it out and I am a confirmed believer in the sleep number! The price tag is definitely worthy of a triple take, but after actually resting on one, learning about all of the features, and realizing that the mattress has 25 year backing...the Price Per Sleep(PPS) is worth the small investment!
 Before visiting the store I simply couldn't justify the alarming price tag for a mattress but now, I am more than convinced that me next mattress NEEDS to be M7 sleep number mattress. The memory foam is absolutely amazing and the options available for customizing your own mattress is so comforting and literally calls your name for bed. After sharing a few pictures and showing the catalog, several of my friends we excited and planned to visit the store after lunch to find their ideal mattress and personal sleep number! I'm sold...now to convince my husband

Fashionably Fierce and Stylishly Savvy! Thanks for your support and inspiration! :-)