Monday, April 6, 2009

Declare the Best of the Spring Season...You Deserve IT!

DO remember that simplicity and an understated tone of sexiness is the everlasting epitome of class and style. As the season changes, leaves begin to fall, flowers bloom, and the sun starts to shine again, keep in mind that your own personal style should always reflect the woman in the mirror.

This season, brighten your work day with an array of vibrant colors ranging from yellow to orange; as well as, the soft bashful pastel colors of baby blue, baby doll pink and lavender. If bright colors just don’t bring the best out of you, then look into adding pieces of animal print to your style by way of a leopard print ruffle top or guide on-looker’s eyes to a great pair of snake-skin stilettos. Either way, you are sure to turn heads and turn up the volume of your personal and professional image.

Now that you have the perfect color and style top to go with those “can’t leave the store without” shoes, it is time to complete your outfit. This time of the year calls for appreciating the weather and enjoying the longer days. So, why not pull on a pair of relaxed/cropped fit pants. Feel free to wear them to work with those to die for heels or slide on a great sandal for weekend trips to the beach.

Great news for those that enjoy a little more relaxed sense of style that gives way to comfort, but still reflects the fashion diva that yearns to be seen! BoHo chic and maxi dresses are definitely back and better than before. Looking effortlessly pulled together has never been so definably easy and sensibly stylish.

For those of us that truly understand the importance of accessories, “bigger is better” is definitely making its way back this season. Earrings are oversized again. Watches are bigger with a combination of gold and silver…simply classic. Rings are bigger. Necklaces are becoming staple pieces that will make a simple t-shirt and jeans seem like the “it” outfit of the evening. If you invested in gladiator sandals, don’t fret…you can still wear them and design the perfect outfit around them. Remember that great carryall that you splurged on last season? Great, don’t pack it away for hibernation because it is still a staple piece for Spring and you may want to think about grabbing it in a brighter hue that will definitely keep you feeling chipper.

The biggest DO of any season that is timeless and exudes in your own personality is CONFIDENCE! Trends and seasons change with the times, but the woman that you are is a constant that only improves and never goes out of style. Love yourself, put yourself first, and invest in yourself before placing style as a priority. As I always say, “Image is a Personal Reflection of YOU…what does your reflection say?”

DON’T forget that nothing is all-inclusive except a pre-paid vacation. Trends are just those…TRENDS. Simply because the latest magazine cover or your favorite celebrity is wearing a particular fashion piece doesn’t mean that it is meant for you. Learn what works best for your style, body shape, profession, and image before setting out to splurge on the hot item of the season. Moderation and sophistication goes a long way in ensuring that your reflection is catching the sunlight at the right angle.

Moderation is key in establishing yourself this Spring. Fashion is bolder and bigger, but too much of a good thing can be bad for your style health. If you are going to work a boldly colored top under your black suit jacket, then you might want to pass on the oversized necklace. Never accessories with more than one oversized piece in one area. For example, if your have fallen hard for a great pair of chandelier earrings, then leave the layered necklaces for another evening. The one exception to this rule is the combination of bold bangles layered with a gorgeous cocktail ring on one hand and a large faced watch on the opposite wrist…chic! Boldly colored animal print? Hmmm, this is definitely a no-no to any business woman worth her Jimmy Choos and Prada bag. Pick one and center your outfit around bringing that piece to life.

As women, we must always remember that perception is everything. Therefore, when you prepare to leave the house, make sure that you get dressed on purpose. Dress as if you expect to run into an old boyfriend that broke your heart. Dress for the possibility of bumping into the boss of the company that you have been dying to interview with. Don’t forget to carry your professionalism with you as your ultimate accessory, without it you may be left wishing you had taken a few more seconds and applied a little eyeliner and lip gloss.