Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer Ends, but Fashion is Everlasting...

That time of year has come around once more and the burning question on every fashionista's mind is screaming..."What Do I Wear?"

Well, surprisingly the answer can be found in your closet and with a few added pieces and/or tweaks to your already desirably enviable wardrobe...BAM, you are ready to step out and turn over a new leaf on your fashion game.

Fall Trends:
1. Boyfriend jackets are a must have and can be worn with just about anything. So, don't forgo style on those chilly date nights...instead throw on a BFJ and cozy up for a long stroll by the water. Make sure to stock up on the three staple colors...Black, White, and will have them in heavy rotation....TRUST ME!!!
2. Minis....paired with a BFJ and you have the perfect recipe for turning heads.
3. Sheath Dresses are definitely making a come back, but this season calls for COLOR and a conversation starter necklace.
4. Fitted Jeans and Killer Heels are perfect for every season...especially Fall. Throw on a white t-shirt, embellished necklace and your favorite BFJ and your masterpiece is complete!
5. Little Black Dress...every woman owns at least two, so why not rock them this season with a little more of a WOW factor! Cinch our waist with a wide belt, grab those towering heels you have been wanting to wear, a white BFJ and colored over sized clutch...You will definitely be the talk of the party!
6. Thigh-High Boots are all over the runways and down the streets of every major fashion city! I suggest grabbing a pair that you can rock 2 ways...fold down the top and unfold the top for that Fall Fashion Feel!