Monday, October 5, 2009


OMGoodness, I have been beyond busy...blessed, but busy nonetheless! The video shoot wrapped on September 26 and everything went GREAT!!!! When permission has been given, I will definitely post pictures, that my assistant took, during the day and definitely post a link so that you can check it out!

Ummm...what else has been going on? Ooooo, I just landed the opportunity of a lifetime and will have to keep you updated on that as the time gets closer, but let me just say this...I am overjoyed with excitement at the possibilities of the different outcomes!!!

Oh, this is great...I have a new business card that I think I am really loving!!! One of the guys I worked with on the video, Richard Beeman, is an awesome graphic designer and he totally designed the best card. I would upload pictures, but I am still working on them!. So, tell me what you think! I love mom loves it...what do you think? Ok, got a few more ideas to, let me get to them!!!
Let's see...this weekend is my big event with ANN TAYLOR and I am sure that it is going to Rachel Zoe would say...BANANAS!!! LOL!!!