Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What is STYLE?

I can't count the number of times I have been faced with this question or it has been a topic of discussion between friends and/or family. So, I thought I should attempt to provide an answer, from my point of view...

Well, in order to define style, first we must clarify that there is a difference between FASHION and STYLE! For some reason, people tend to think that they are one-in-the-same...NOT TRUE! Fashion, in my opinion, is merely the masses' use of the different trends for any particular season. While, style is a personal expression of one's own image. After all, "Image is a Personal Reflection of YOU!"

So, let's really dissect this wonderful word...STYLE! Hmmm...style is simply YOUR Swagger and/or strut in your stride, Take on trends, Yearning to secretly turn heads, Lifestyle, and the Emphasis of your personality! The appropriate combination of the above ingredients is the recipe for a delicious sense of style that can only be defined by the individual chef!

Trends will come and go, as any fashionista knows, but it is the one with a true sense of style that will make the trends work with/for them. Have you ever heard the saying, "make the money...don't let the money make you"? Well, the same is true when it comes to fashion vs. style. Maybe your personality is casual and carefree like Vanessa Hudgens and Hilary Duff. Or, your style mimics the sophistication and class of the "Diva" herself, Beyonce Knowles. Heck, maybe you are more of the rock-n-roll glam like Rhianna. It doesn't matter as long as your style is just that...YOURS!!!
So, don't let the trends make you...instead, YOU make the trends and watch your Image, Personality, and sense of STYLE shine through!!