Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Faux Fur Fabulous

Rachel Zoe has legitimized my love of everything warm and cozy by encouraging us all to invest in a fabulous faux fur vest. Thanks Ms. Zoe...your line is "BANANAS"

How to Wear Your Faux Fur Vest

1. Glamorously Uptown: Skinny jeans, black long-sleeve t-shirt, ankle boots and accessories.
2. BoHo Chic: Flared jeans, long-sleeved bloused top, wedge heel and bangles.

3. Ladies Night Glam: Black long-sleeved mini dress and stilettos or ankle boots.
4. Glamorously Downtown: Motorcycle jeans or leggings, white (relaxed fit) top with long sleeves, knee-high boots.