Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekend Style...

The weekend comes and the first thing we want to do is step out of our pumps and into our favorite pair of sweatpants! Believe me, I understand the need for comfort, but please don't forgo style. With the today's technology(camera phones, flip cameras, Facebook, Twitter, etc...) the need for always being camera ready has never been more important. So, it is imparitive that we all find a happy medium between style and comfort. Well, with today's modern twist on a fab fav, jumpers and rompers are no longer for the little ones.

Check out this weekend's go to piece! TRESICS Knit Jumpsuit available at Priced to sell at a budget friendly price tag of $21.97 and available in both black and gray, this jumpsuit is perfect for everything from grabbing drinks with the girls on Friday evening to running errands Saturday morning to an impromptu movie outing on Sunday afternoon.