Friday, September 23, 2011

DARNEL's Fall Favs

D - DENIM: Seasons and trends change, but one thing remains an everlasting constant...the need for DENIM! This season, denim is a must from skinny to wide leg or flare, from light to dark rinses, from distressed to trouser, from rolled up to straight leg, jeans are a MUST HAVE in every fashionista's closet. When you find the perfect fit for your gorgeous body shape, buy them in as many washes, lengths, shapes that your budget can handle because denim is perfect for day or night...lounging or stepping!  

KIM KARDASHIAN'S JEANS photo | Kim Kardashian985

One of the HOTTEST trends that will leap into fall with us is ANIMAL PRINT...from shoes and handbags to dresses, skirts, pants, tops, and jackets, animal print is a sure fire way of adding a little spice to your everyday style. I am partial to leopard print, but zebra(black and white) or snake(think beige, black, cream mix) is all the rage as well. Sass up a great pair of skinny jeans and a basic white button down with a fierce leopard print ankle boot and you are sure to turn heads.

VANESSA HUDGENS photo | Vanessa Hudgens553153136

 One of the sexiest parts of fall this year is the use of color on everything from dresses to flow-y tops to shoes and bags! The sexiest of these colors is SCARLET RED and I am definitely feeling this color for just about any occassion. My two favorie colors, BLUE and GREEN are arriving in style and taking this season by storm. From fitted colored jeans to stiletto pumps, these two colors are definite outfit makers this year. Last but not least, all its many pure perfection when desiring a little bit on sunshine on a gloomy day. Make a bold statement with any of these colors...heck, color blocking is still fierce so go ahead and mix two or three...and be the scene stealer for every situation!

HILARY DUFF photo | Hilary Duff457288


If color is a little much for you, take pleasure in knowing that NUDES and NEUTRALS are staples colors this season. Perfect in monochromatic settings or even as accent pieces. Wear a nude dress with a bold print/color heel and be the bell of the ball or slip into an all black outfit accessorized with a nude bag and heels...simple elegance at its finest! However you toss in a neutral piece, you will definitely achieve simple elegance that is sure to take others by storm!


E - Ever Mine and Here To Stay

Every year we spend thousands of dollars on items that may or may not be on trend and in style for the following season, but I am excited to extend a few pieces. This season, don't pack away your jumpsuits because you will still be able to rock the all-in-on frocks with a few additions(BFJ and stilettos)Pull out your leggings(as if you actually didn't know) for pairing with those OTK boots we loved so much last year. Clearly the BFJ is a staple piece that I see staying around a while...they're perfect for just about every occassion, so why not keep them around! Oversized bags are still in...especially with the number of Birkin bags we see cropping up all over the Hollywood circuit.  If you invested in faux fur, rejoice in its return...I know I sure am! What better way to jazz up a pair of jeans than with a comfortably stylish fur vest! Platforms are even higher and stabalizing wedges are making it even easier to add a little height(for us vertically challenged ladies).



Accessories are necessary to complete any outfit...from day to night, the add-ons will ensure that your outfit was planned out and decided up with sincere thought(or at least give the impression). This season, count on everything from LACE to BUCKLES to accent your everyday and special event wear!.