Monday, September 24, 2012

Trouser Obsessions

I am absolutely obsessed with optical illusion or two-tone trousers! I am not sure what has me in a trance, but there is something simple and chic about the all-in-one black-and-white combination that screams fashion fierce and style savvy!

Check out a few of my favorite fashion mavens rocking it...

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My second trouser obsession of the moment has definitely got to be the jogger. You know, the banded ankle pants that could be worn dressed up with heels or dressed down with flats. In my opinion they are a much improved version of the thank-heavens-we-are-over-that-style harem pants...with the proper fit, not to baggy and definitely NOT to tight, the jogger trouser can literally take you from running errands to date night without a worry!

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