Saturday, December 1, 2012

Real vs Reality Shoe-Gasam Saturday

If there was ever a shoe genius, it is the ever talented Christian Louboutin! It seems that everything he thinks of turns to gold and the lust of every fashionistas shoe desire.

The ever classic Pigalle is an iconic staple that is perfect for literally every occasion! So, when Louboutin added a twist in the way of spikes to this lust worthy design, it seems that every starlet and fashion diva couldn't help but to walk a mile in these beauties.

But, for us mere mortals, the idea of spending $1200-1500 on one single pair of shoes just doesn't make sense...regardless of the "price-to-wear ratio factor"(you know, you determine if the price is worth spending by dividing it by the number of wears).

Then came along my absolute go-to online boutique, Jessica Buurman, and the designer inspired SAIRI Spiky Studed Pumps(available in Nude, Red, and White) for a fraction of the price at $199(sign-up and get 10% off).  

SAIRI Spiky Studed PumpsSAIRI Spiky Studed Pumps
SAIRI Spiky Studed PumpsSAIRI Spiky Studed Pumps
The mere resemblance is enough to launch an all out attack over these shoe-gasam babies, but besides the look-a-like factor these stilettos are definite head turners and outfit makers worthy of a few hundred dollars...especially when think of the price-to-wear ratio! Trust, you will find yourself reaching for these time and time again! Be it skinnies and a white tee or even to sass up your favorite cocktail dress for one of your many holiday parties, you can't go wrong with these!