Monday, December 17, 2012

What To Wear To Christmas Dinner?

Christmas Day is the time of the year dedicated to spending time with family and friends indulging on all of the eats and treats we deprive ourselves of all year while reminiscing on the highs and lows of the previous year and preparing for the next year! 

While lounging around watching movies and making multiple trips to the dinner table sounds like the perfect opportunity to pull out a pair of your favorite college sweat pants and cozy hoody don't make that fashion mistake that will have you cringing at the sight of those family photos in a few months. In stead, try one of these options for the perfect combination of comfort and style!

1. Mamma's Baby
OK, if you are absolutely positively 100% sure that you are going to curl up on your parent's couch the entire day(and night) then opt for a great pair of from fitting jeggings(with enough waist give for accommodating those extra helpings), a cozy/over sized cable sweater and pair of your favorite Uggs. Pull your hair up and into a messy bun, toss on your favorite pair of  "geek" glasses, slide on tinted gloss and grab your favorite bag!

2. Meet the Parents
If you are planning on splitting time between your parent's house and your boyfriend's, then you may want to add a bit more sass to your comfort...but remember not to over do your look! Go for black jeggings(black is always slimming and goes perfect from day to night...if need be)! Animal print is HOT right now, so pick a loose fitting leopard print blouse(tuck in only one corner). Keeping with Christmas colors, I love the Celine Luggage Tote in RED! The obvious choice for keeping warm would be either a black coat or blazer, but don't do the obvious...instead stand out and grab your favorite army green cargo jacket or blazer. Pull your look together with a pair of ankle boots or a simple heel!