Friday, February 7, 2014

Bounce Relax Straight

Last night I had my very own glam session with Joy Williams of Uptown Shears in Houston, TX in preparation for the Glam Lounge at Indique Hair Boutique on Saturday afternoon. I must admit that after speaking with Joy over the phone I was even more excited about sitting in her chair because she made me comfortable and confident that I would be in great hands. Ms. Williams is a licensed cosmetologist with over 10 years of experience and earned her Hair Extensions certification from Dream Catchers Hair International and is a Featured Partner Stylist with Indique Hair International. In addition to mastering the art of extensions, Joy is also a MAC certified Make-Up Artist and Nationally Accredited artist with Ultimate Face Cosmetics. Needless to say I was in excellent hands! 
During our phone "consultation", we discussed the ins and outs for the Glam Lounge what look I was going for. Considering that the extensions special for February is the Bounce Relax Straight, I was more than relieved that I would be getting a stylishly simple but versatile look that I could definitely keep up once the event was over. Joy listened as I rambled on about needing an every day look, how I normally wear my hair in long layers with a center part, and was open to adding color. With a smile(trust me, I could hear it through the phone) she said she could "...definitely make it happen..." and so the appointment was set and my new look was well on its way! 

When I walked in for my appointment, I was definitely a mix of anxious and nervous(you know it is always tough when working with a new stylist...especially for something as important as HAIR), but I immediately felt at ease and was ready for the reveal.  Ms Joy greeted me instantly and was more than ready and prepared for my arrival...this is all too important when working with a new stylist because the hours we spend in the salon are long as is, but when your stylist isn't ready it makes the appointment long and drawn out.

Once I sat in Joy's chair I knew that this appointment would be worth the anticipation...I was right. With a careful and soft hand, removed my previous extensions, net, and braiding and inquired about my present hair care and maintenance program and explained all of the pros of using Indique Hair (trust me, she knows and I loved learning).

As I sat in the chair, I couldn't help but notice these two perfectly packaged bundles of Bounce Relax Straight(each bundle is about 4.2 oz of hair) standing tall next to this flyer. I must admit that at first I was more than skeptical about only having two bundles because I am so used to needing at least three packs to get the fullness and body desired. But, once again I was taught about quality of hair versus quantity and why Indique Virgin Hair Extensions are so amazing. After my extensions were removed and the braiding undone, Ms. Joy gave the best and most relaxing shampoo that I have had in a very long time. Not only did she massage my scalp (I definitely needed it), but she place a warm towel perfumed with the scent of tee tree ginger over my face to encourage me to "lay back and relax" while enjoying the experience.


Since I was in the market for something new, Joy added caramel highlights to one bundle of hair(before I arrived) and when she showed them to me and let me touch the hair before installing I couldn't wait for the final reveal. 

Look Back At It!
Side View
 Joy even share with me the products she uses to keep my extensions looking and feeling perfect. I tend to a have very  dry and itchy scalp so Ms. Joy suggested that I use tee tree oil to keep my scalp moisturized and Argan Oil to keep the shine that you seem to only get in the salon. And considering that since I am going natural, keeping my edges smooth is a must Hicks Edges is her product of choice!

After about 6 hours, I couldn't have been more excited or happy with the my new hair. The Bounce Collection is the perfect texture for those of us that are going natural(chemical free) because it blends in naturally and feels; as well as, looks more like your natural hair. Needless to say, I am head-over-hair happy about Indique Hair Bounce Relaxed Straight!

Just Me and my Bounce Relax Straight!

Until next time, thanks for stopping by and as always, stay Fashionably Fierce and Stylishly Savvy!