Monday, February 3, 2014


After what seemed to be weeks(actually it was probably only a few days..dramatic, I know!) of missed calls, phone tag and back-n-forth email communication, I finally got a chance to speak with Tracelia Coats, Indique Houston Boutique Manager, about being a styling model for an amazing event(Feb. 8th and blogger's event Feb. 22...details to come!) at Indique Houston and I couldn't have been more excited! I mean, mixing hair, make-up and being pampered all in the name of glamour by one of the stylist and make-up artist of the ever expanding Indique Hair? Umm, YES..YES...YES!

So, what is the first thing I do you ask? Ummm, click on over to the website and view(for the umpteenth time) all the different hair types, styles, stylists, and celebrity clients so that I can get an idea of the "look" I want for this big event and so that I can have some idea of the kind of hair that works best for me and what I can work with once I get back home...I mean, hair is definitely the cherry on-top to finalizing a diva's ultimate everyday look and be it running errands, work, ladies night out or date night, our hair is of the utmost importance! 

While waiting to hear from the stylist and make-up artist that I will ultimately be working with for the event, I fell in love with these Celebrity Favs looks from their website...

*Chrissy(reality TV star) is wearing Studio Fishnet
*Gabby Douglas(Olympic gold medalist) is wearing Bounce Relaxed Straight
*Laurieann Gibson(Creative Director and Choreographer/Dancer) is wearing Pure Wavy
*Olivia(Singer) is wearing Pure Straight/Wavy

Now, I am definitely a long and full-body kind of girl so I couldn't help but to lean more towards these styles and since I am more than challenged in the department of hairstyling skills, I tend to go for a simple middle part and silky straight locks with long layers that add a sense of volume and weight to my everyday look. But, I will admit that I am sort of head-over-hair about Olivia's two-tone mix of Pure Straight and Wavy because the fullness seems to add dimension and versatility....fingers crossed about the possibilities! 

Why Indique Hair?
If you are not familiar with Indique Hair, then here are a few KEY points that must be made:
*Premium Quality Virgin Hair Extensions from India and South Asia
* 100% Human Hair
*100% Remy Hair (does not tangle, natural flowing, wears/washes with ease)
* Six collections of premium hair extensions( PURE, BOUNCE, HYSTERIA, STUDIO,SEA, KERATIQUE)
*Hair will last 12+ months(with proper maintenance) and retains its luster and shine)

Needless to say, stay tuned for my new Indique Hair  look and behind the scene shots of the transformation! I am definitely excited about having such an amazing opportunity and for such an amazing line of hair extensions to be available to the glamorous ladies of my hometown of Houston, TX! 

8715 Stella Link Rd
Houston, TX 77025
Phone: 713.218.0855
Tuesday–Fri: 10am–7pm (closed 2pm–3pm)
Saturday: 9am–6pm (closed 12pm–1pm)
Sunday/Monday: Closed