Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bundle Up to Snuggle Up!

Toss on a cozy Faux Fur vest or jacket, like Victoria Beckham.

Remember those liquid leggings you weren't to sure how to wear? Well, wiggle yourself into them and feel the warmth!

We all have our favorite sweatshirt that we wish we could wear outside the house. Now, you can! Slip in over your head and slide your arms in and slide into a great pair of skinny jeans, killer heels and accessories...Outfit Complete!

If you haven't already fallen hard for the OTK boot, then there is no better time or reason to flip for this trend! We all know that if our feet are warm, then our body is sure to follow. So, imagine what a pair of suede OTK boots will do for keeping you warm; as well as, turning up the heat for a night out!

If you still have trouble with "bad hair days," then throw on a slouchy cap, keep you look simple and enjoy getting cozy with your better half!

Needless to say, the temperature may be dropping, but that doesn't mean that your sense of style and flair for fashion must suffer.