Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Steve Madden

I have had a secret crush on the Givenchy Nightingale handbag for a few years now, but the hefty mortgage equivalent price tag has been more than enough to keep the lust alive. Yes, I have come across the infamous "replica" bags, but the fashionista in me simply will not allow me to spend my hard earned money on a fake designer bag. To me, it just isn't logical when I know there is a comparable bag that will satisfy my thirst for Givenchy.
Hilary Duff
At last, there is a tall glass of water with my name on it and is definitely cold enough to satisfy my long lasting thirst! Yes, there is hope for us mere mortals and his name is Steve Madden! Once again, Steve Madden has come through with flying colors...black, cream, grey! The Steve Madden Bweave handbag is clearly a suitable substitute for Givenchy...especially when "replica bags" are out of the question. At a mere fraction of the price, you get a carry-all with two handles...cuff are at the elbow or throw it over your shoulder. C'mon ladies, who doesn't need a perfect carry-all with enough room for all of your stuff and all that your man ask you to hold while out? Exactly!