Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wonderfully Wedged...

Let me start by saying, my apologies for reposting! Last time I posted on the Jessica Simpson Adreana, it was for Splurge vs Steal...this time...rave reviews! Smiling
I have always been a fan of Jessica Simpson, since "I Think I'm In Love" and before she was a newlywed, and her comfortably stylish shoes! Every fashionista has had their encounter with a shy high heel that wasn't meant to be sported all day, but your desire for fashion took over your sense of reality! Needless to say, "OUCH!" Well, thankfully Ms. Simpson understood our dilemma and designed a line of shoes that are both fashionable and comfy! Who would of thunk it...stilettos, platforms and wedges with the right amount of much need padding to support wear from work to play? I will forever be a fan of these shoes!

With the return of wedge heels, I must say I have fallen for the Adreana by Jessica Simpson. Nearly impossible to find now, these shoes are freaking amazing! The killer height is balanced by a stylishly sleek wedge and divinely designed with 4 side buckles and a center zipper that is CRAZINESS! Worn with shorts or a dress, these are definitely worth the $90 price tag (on sale for $50)! The comfort alone is enough to make you buy them...but add in the sass factor and Adreana has winner written all over them! Available in black, tan, and brown, Jessica truly out did herself by signing off on this design! If you are able to locate, these will most likely become your go-to shoe for Spring and Summer.

As a die hard fan of this line of shoes, I own at least 7-10 pair, these do run true to do all of her styles. Oh, did I mention...These feel and look absolutely amazing on your feet. Take a trip to the nail salon for your Springtime mani/pedi, zip this one, beware of the head turning you are sure to cause and prepare to receive tons of compliments; as well as, the fashionista's favorite question, "where did you get those?"