Saturday, December 8, 2012

Real vs Reality Shoe-Gasam Saturday

Despite the consistent reviews that state that Louboutins are not the most comfortable, I can't help but find myself drawn to every design that hits not only the catwalks and editorial pages, but the perfectly polished and buffed heels of fashionistas everywhere. 

I personally prefer these beauties with pants as it is rather difficult to pull off the ankle strap(but Alicia Keys does a good job here) unless you have really slender legs or legs worthy of rocking a mini dress/skirt.

Any who, these shoe-gasam stilettos are available in an array of colors to fit your every mood and desire, but will set you back about $1200+.

If you are loving these shoes but not the price, then this weeks reality option is exactly what you need. A designer inspired and budget friendly option that is just as stylish and sexy!

The VOLETA Ankle Straps Suede and PVC Pump is only $129 and a near identical alternative to the heavily price Chritian Louboutin Unbout.

VOLETA Ankle Straps Suede And PVC PumpsVOLETA Ankle Straps Suede And PVC Pumps
VOLETA Ankle Straps Neon Leather And PVC Pumps - 120MMVOLETA Ankle Straps Neon Leather And PVC Pumps - 120MM