Thursday, December 6, 2012

Real vs. Realtiy - Hear 'Em Roar

When it comes to fashion, I absolutely LOVE the unexpected so when Givenchy's Angry Dog T-shirts and Sweaters hit the streets, I couldn't help but to swoon.

Looks like I wasn't the only because it seems that every style maven and maverick have invested in this seemingly over priced casual wear.

Despite how much I adore this look, I can't think of a "good enough" justification for spending such a hefty amount of my mortgage payment on a t-shirt/sweatshirt! But, for some reason I kept envisioning different ways that I would rock this...paired with leather leggings for a dinner date, shorts and OTK boots for happy hour with the ladies, under a faux fur vest with jeans for lounging around after Christmas dinner, or even paired with sequin pants and killer stilettos for bringing in the New I did what I do best and combed my favorite online boutiques for a more budget friendly version!

Jessica Buurman never lets me down...The NELIA Dog Print T-Shirt is a near identical option that is only $99, but you can get 10% off when you sign-up with them!

NELIA Dog Print T-ShirtNELIA Dog Print T-Shirt
NELIA Dog Print T-ShirtNELIA Dog Print T-Shirt