Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BeetleJuice Casual

I'm Wearing:
Forever 21 Tunic (old)
Aldo Leather Flip Flops (old)
GiGi New York Tote Bag

I really have know idea what I am looking at, but hey sometimes it's like that...lol!


Happy Tuesday!!
As always, I am a busy bee(as my loving hubby says) and today I definitely needed/wanted to give myself a break from heels...well, at least until night fall when another casting and meeting calls...so I went for a really simple tunic(worn as a dress today) and flip flops! I am not sure what it is about black and white, especially stripes, that I am always drawn to but there it is!  Last week I actually let my stylist try out a little ombre coloring ...what do you think? I know, it is definitely time to head back to the shop because the two-a-day sweat sessions are more than doing a number!
Until next time, thanks for stopping by and as always...stay Fashionably Fierce and Stylishly Savvy!