Sunday, September 29, 2013


T-Shirt c/o Brownness Series(here)
Express Leggings (old)
Bakers Wedge Sneakers(old)
Bag c/o Jessica Buurman
Michael Kors Watch
Turban (local beauty supply)
Happy Sunday Dolls!!!
Needless to say, the weather has definitely been rather moody which makes it a bit more challenging when deciding what to do and what to wear. So, today I went for a completely comfortable and casual look to battle the sudden down pours we have been faced!
Ok, about this amazing t-shirt form Brownness Series:
I received a random link in my inbox a few weeks back and am so excited that I made the time to check it out because I was blessed with such an amazing company with an even more amazing message to accept, protect, love and share what it means to be a woman of color...all shades!
After falling in love with the story behind Brownness Series, I then flipped my heels for these amazing soft tees and knew I wanted to showcase them on my blog, with friends, family, and clients so I reached out and the rest is pretty much history! I personally chose Brown Sugar and Carmel because "Brown Sugar" is one of my favorite movies and "Caramel" by City High is my personal anthem(have you heard it?). And, respectively, I definitely feel that brown sugar and caramel just seem to fit me and my personality...what do you think? I am also obsessed with the Queen Collection(be on the look out for my review coming soon!)
Please meet the gorgeous woman behind Brownness Series:
"I am so proud to be part of a brand whose SOLE purpose is to recognize the beauty and esteem of women and girls of color. It is my wish to make The Brownness Series a force that women who came before us would be proud of and of which those who follow us will aspire. . I consider The Brownness Series to be a long overdue celebration of brown beauty, but there can be no party without guest. So let the party begin. We are Brown…I am Brown…AND Beautiful!     
I Am Caramel,