Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sweatshirt and Pencil Skirt

I'm Wearing:
Forever 21 Sweatshirt (old) (options)
Banana Republic Skirt (old) (options)
ShoeMint Romy Sandals  
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch and Gold Bracelet

Happy Thursday Dolls!
As of late, I have really been in to digging into the depths of my closet and pulling out some old pieces and trying to find new looks. This morning felt like a skirt day and since I am always cold, I figured I would combine the two and this combination is the final product. I am really not sure exactly how or even why I put these pieces together, but for some reason it seems to work for me today. What do you think?
I am in the process of making a drastic hair change...stay tuned...which started yesterday and I am kind of excited about stepping out of my box and seeing what the final look will be.