Friday, October 31, 2014

Homies Halloween

I'm Wearing:
HOMIES sweatshirt (option) (option2)
Old Navy Sweatpants(old) 
UGG Boots
RayBan Aviators
Zara Bowling Bag
Michael Kors Gold Watch

This is about as close to a costume as I have gotten since I was a little bitty girl and by the looks and feel of it, probably for a long time. I don't really have anything against this "holiday", it's just that I don't really get into dressing up and celebrating and since I don't have little ones, trick-o-treating isn't an option. But, for some strange reason I have been wanting and trying to get to a haunted house for the past few years and something always comes up...hmmm, guess it just isn't meant to be especially since I have never, shame! :-) Any who, enjoy your night out and be safe, remember to let your parents check your candy first, and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Fashionably Fierce and Stylishly Savvy! Thanks for your support and inspiration! :-)