Friday, October 11, 2013

So Nice I Got 'Em Twice

*Exclusive - QAMRA Leather Wedged Heel Boots*Exclusive - QAMRA Leather Wedged Heel Boots

Happy Friday Dolls!!! 
One of my favorite parts about Fall is I get to indulge my insatiable lust for boots! Last year, I was head-over-wedges in love with this boot but the cream was sold out before I could scoop them both up...this year, I snagged up the cream pair and I am overly anxious to wear them. Perfect for dressing up or down and ideal for rocking shorts and/or mini dresses, these boot beauties are a definitely must have in your closet because they are more than versatile...they are...head turners and outfit makers! If you are in love with these as much as I am, you can grab them(before they are gone...again) from Jessica Buurman